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Our Farm

At Painted Rooster Cannabis Company, our farming roots run deep. We are backed by 4th generation Yakima Valley hop farmers. Our first hop crop was harvested in 1932. We have taken the knowledge from the last 90 years of farming hops and now apply it to cultivating the hop's "cousin" plant, cannabis. Our focus is quality, sustainability, and trustworthiness. Every plant is meticulously cared for and solely lit by the Yakima Valley sun. Nothing but the utmost quality will be presented in your jar, glass, or joint. If we wouldn't smoke it, we wouldn't sell it. 


Keep an eye out at your favorite dispensary for our premium outdoor grown cannabis. With not only a focus on farming innovations, we constantly try to find better and better ways for you to get your marijuana to you. Whether it be premium dabs, infused pre-rolls, low-dose cannabis seltzers, or high-quality flower, you can always guarantee that Painted Rooster Cannabis Company has the quality products you are looking for. So, raise a pint glass, or some blown glass, and enjoy! Cheers 🤙🏻


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