culture. community. cannabis.

We are local family farmers cultivating premium cannabis from the sun-drenched Moxee Valley of Eastern Washington.


We value the health and livelihood of our community and strive to maintain an equitable and respectful culture. Our cannabis is grown with love and care.


flower brands

la mota outside.jpg


la mota flower

MWC jar outdoor.jpg

moxee weed co.

Premium, dense, large nugs
from only our most rare and exotic strains.

Dense nugs. Strain Specific


pre-roll brands

la mota prerolls.jpg

LA MOTA pre-rolls

Strain-specific and Infused pre-rolls             

MWC preroll jar.jpg

MOXEE WEED CO. pre-rolls

Half-gram Strain-specific pre-rolls             

Gemini outdoor.jpg


Half-gram strain-specific pre-rolls coated with oil and kief 


the crew

the crew.jpg

From planting to packaging, our talented team puts the love in each of our products.

They oversee everything with consistent quality craftsmanship and great care. 

jerry wathen.jpg

Gerald Wathen
General Manager
& Sales Supervisor

alvaro new.jpg

Alvaro Tovar
Production Director
& Farm Manager

rachel robin photo.jpg

Rachel Robin
Sales Representative



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